To plan or not to plan?

Do you find ‘the new normal’ a blessing or a hindrance?

Have you found a lot of new ideas cropping up about how you’d like to change your life, but you’re not doing anything about it? 

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Careers, new jobs and small businesses

I loved the film ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles’.  Such a mixture of transport modes and determination for the leading man to get to his final destination. (Steve Martin keeps arriving late: by train, plan and car), but he gets to his final destination in the end!

That is very similar  to the career and life change coaching I carry out with my clients.

The similarities are as follows:

1/ The client has a goal (to be with their family for a public holiday)

2/ They think of all the options available to them (different mode of transport, times available)

3/ They decide which option to ‘go for’ first of all and try out the most suitable first (action)

4/ They remain flexible and determined, should the first option not work out 100%

5/ Success is theirs using this approach


I work with a variety of clients from different backgrounds who want to improve their life, careers and businesses.

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Train spotter heaven or out of my comfort zone?

I was staying in a swanky part of London for a coaching course and I had a strange view out of my window.

It was a very unusual sight!

I live in the south west and do most of my face-to-face coaching in Clarence House, Penzance. Though l’ve also lived in Bristol and Devon and visit these places regularly (so can meet for consultations there too)

I was definitely ‘out of my comfort zone’ that weekend when l saw my London hotel room was right next to a railway line!

I had to ask to change rooms to make sure l could get to sleep.

The new room l had still has the slight rumble of the train and the humming sound of city life l’m used to from when l lived in Bristol (quite relaxing really), without the irritation of a train line being right underneath the hotel room.

  1. What would you do?

DISC Personality Test – The Apprentice


DISC Personality Tests

Apprentice Buster!

Do you want to improve your people skills so you can understand yourself and other people more?

And get on with the people you previously found challenging?

Well DISC is a great personality testing system.  By having a DISC test, you will learn what DISC personality style you belong to, understand why you behave in a certain way.

Then you can use your knowledge of DISC to recognise what DISC type other people are. You can then learn to tweak your behaviour to get the best out of other people. Create instant rapport; work more effectively in a team.

DISC is very empowering. Think of The Apprentice television programme (one of my favourite programmes). Here you have a mixture of DISC types.

I’ll look separately at the main characters.

Firstly, Alan Sugar. He is a typical D (direct). Very task oriented, quick to make decisions, he would not like people to talk too much (‘waffle’ he’d call it).

Do you know people like that? Listen to people and hear if you can spot a D character. Do you already know such a character? Perhaps you recognise this trait in yourself.

I’ve even added tips  for personal growth areas for these personality types


General observable behaviours of the different DISC Personality

Observable Behaviours for ‘D’ traits

  • Strong handshake
  • Probably running behind schedule
  • Impatient and impulsive
  • Tries to dominate or take over – very direct
  • Will have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Will interrupt you while talking
  • Will do something else while you are talking (Read, make a phone call)
  • Will use challenging questions
  • Desk may be untidy
  • Office will be functional rather than stylish
  • Will put paperwork in piles not in files
  • Will give direct, stead eye contact
  • Will lean forward if interested and lean back if not
  • Will use finger pointing gestures to make a point
  • Will be keen to sort out problems immediately 


  • Personal Growth areas for ‘D’ traits
  • Strive to be an active listener
  • Be attentive to other team members’ ideas until everyone reaches a consensus
  • Be less controlling and domineering
  • Develop a greater appreciation for the opinions, feelings and desires of others
  • Put more energy into personal relationships and courtesy
  • Show your support for other team members
  • Take time to explain the why statements and proposals
  • Be friendlier and more approachable

How to change your habits

Habits and changing  them

I have  noticed that with a lot of my clients, they come to see me about wanting  to  change certain  aspects  of  their lives ie in career, getting  most out of their time, improving  their  relationships.

This  got me to thinking  about  how habits come to  play  here.

I have  started to  research  this  fascinating  subject, to add to  my toolkit  l use within  the  coaching l do with my clients

So if you  are thinking  about  coming to  see a coach  about  any sort of  life change, have a  talk with  me about  your ideas

Back to school and work

Incredible Changes life coaching and mentoring in Dorset

Are you settling back to normal life after the summer holidays?

I have recently attended one of my usual business breakfast meetings and I think I’ve invented a new word in the process!

I was explaining how I was finding it quite difficult getting back into a working routine after the relaxing summer holidays .  You know the sort of thing – with the school holidays and the looking out for what your child/ children is/are doing , arranging events, parent taxi,  the family holiday, making preparations for school return, then … whoosh  getting back into a normal working and school routine.

I forgot to mention  the juggling of trying to work in the holidays as well.  Some of you may have  found it easier getting back  to normal working patterns!

Anyway, the word I invented was ‘summeritus’.  A succinct way of explaining what us parents may feel like getting back into the normal swing of things after the long summer holidays.

If you feel  you have new ideas about how you’d like to change the way you do things, either big or small, arrange a free 30 minute session with me where we can spend time talking about you, your life as it stands and your dreams.

Please seen my contact page if you’d like to write a little about your situation, or here are my details below:

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Explaining life coaching

archery target

I am preparing a presentation about what life coaching is all about for a Citizens Advice Cornwall coach training recruitment day this week. (A new project I’m involved with).

One of my slides says it succinctly:

  •   —Help you create a clear VISION of your  future
  • —  CLARIFY your goals
  • —  Overcome barriers to change
  • —  Recognise your STRENGTHS
  • —  Learn about yourself and what is important to you
  • —  Develop an Action Plan


So the order above is to have an idea, goal or vision of here you want to be (like the game of archery : be focused on your aim).   This can take some time – most people know what they don’t want (but this is a great start and with a skilled coach through their powerful questioning and listening techniques, it may only take one session to get you there!)

Secondly,  to clarify; to be crystal clear about exactly what it is you want to achieve.  This is where a coach can help .  It may be  your first idea is dismissed when you consider the benefits of other options.

Then the coach can help you to put into practice steps towards what you want to achieve, making sure you think about what obstacles may stand in y0ur way (time pressures, other peoples’ attitudes, even yourself!)

Along your coaching journey, you will be reminded of what it is you do really well – your strengths. It is this self- discovery of hidden confidence and ability you may have forgotten about, that gives you the strength to forge ahead with your new life – the life of your dreams!

Finally, as well as an Action Plan, so you know where you’re going, you’ll understand yourself a lot more (particularly with the use of DISC Personality and Values Tests). You will know why it is that you react a certain way under stress, what you need to have in your life to make you happy in your personal and work life, how to communicate more effectively to people who you previously found it challenging to get on with.

At the end of your coaching journey,  you’ll have a balanced life, with clear goals and a positive outlook.  Sounds like coaching can really benefit peoples’ lives!  I’ve certainly seen these changes with my clients.  See my testimonials.

Today 23 June. Coaching Clinic. Clarence House

A sudden change in my schedule, means l’ll be at Clarence House,  Penzance 3pm – 5pm for a coaching clinic.

Free consultations. Free mini DISC tests and discussion

FInd out how coaching can help you to change your life!

Do something diferent today.

Make that first step for change.

There’s an NLP saying, something like: ‘Do what you always do, get what you always get’


I guess l’m doing that today.

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New, revamped coaching website went live today!

I am very excited today as my new, revamped website went live today.

I am a fully qualified, accredited personal performance & life coach (International Coach Federation Member) . See me for clarity in all areas of your life, but particularly work-life balance, career and life change. I have had big successes with couple relationship coaching too (a dynamic, solution-focused version of Relate)

I coach face-to-face in Penzance and also do a lot of coaching via the convenience of Skype and telephone.

As well as being a coach and trainer, I am a DISC personality practitioner. I use DISC for individul coaching and business coaching. I help people understand people in seconds and increase their ability to get on with people who they may have previously found difficult to get on with. (Great for families, partners and building teams/recruitment at work)

I am currently a consultant coach, supervisor and mentor for a coach training project that is in the process of being rolled out in Cornwall

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