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I loved the film ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles’.  Such a mixture of transport modes and determination for the leading man to get to his final destination. (Steve Martin keeps arriving late: by train, plan and car), but he gets to his final destination in the end!

That is very similar  to the career and life change coaching I carry out with my clients.

The similarities are as follows:

1/ The client has a goal (to be with their family for a public holiday)

2/ They think of all the options available to them (different mode of transport, times available)

3/ They decide which option to ‘go for’ first of all and try out the most suitable first (action)

4/ They remain flexible and determined, should the first option not work out 100%

5/ Success is theirs using this approach


I work with a variety of clients from different backgrounds who want to improve their life, careers and businesses.

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