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Want to improve your wellbeing?

For example, to lead a more healthy life, with less stress. This could include areas of your life that are on the top of your ‘worry’ or ‘stress’ list ie financial,  losing weight, health, giving up cigarettes, relationships with your family, general anxiety, or confidence issues, also strategies to deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  (OCD).

Work/life balance

What about work/life balance? Other big areas that people see Stacey about are fitting things into their busy lifestyles (work/life balance), how to tackle the ‘clutter’ in their lives : whether this is ‘physical’ house or office clutter, or ‘mental’ mind clutter.  Procrastination is often an issue that is often investigated and strategies implemented in face-to-face life coaching and workshops. All of the above can cause overwhelm.  Once a client has faced up to the areas of their lives that cause them overwhelm, and a plan is drawn up with clear outcomes and action points, great change is possible.

Consider the positive outcomes in your life from having coaching with Stacey to improve your Wellbeing and Work/Life Balance:

Wellbeing is all about you living your life with less stress, more balance and clarity.

The art of balancing home life and work faced by individuals and families is something that people either see as a challenge to live with, or a challenge to face head on with the professional assistance of a qualified, accredited life coach.

Work and home projects are completed with more ease due to the clarity and purpose that life coaching brings to individuals’ lives.

Specifically, Work-Life Balance is the second highest motivation for people seeking coaching services, according to the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study*. In fact, 50 percent of survey respondents said Work Life Balance was a “very important” factor in their decision to partner with a coach.

The study also shows coaching is having a positive impact on peoples’ ability to attain Work Life Balance. Eighty-two percent of coaching clients who pinpointed Work Life Balance as a goal reported a positive change in the area as a result of being coached.

Does this sound like you? And if so, here’s how I can help you with improving your Wellbeing & Work Life Balance

  • I never have enough time to do everything I want to do
  • My life involves a lot of juggling and sometimes I don’t always keep all the balls in the air
  • I wish I had more time to take enough exercise.
  • I don’t have enough time to do the things I want to do, such as spending time with family and friends
  • My life often feels out of control.
  • I wish my life wasn’t such a rush and that I  found  it easier to relax.
  • I never seem to have any time to myself

With Wellbeing and Work Life Balance Coaching,  I help to deal with issues that are creating confusion, indecision and stress.  Procrastination is a big area we work in during sessions.  Through coaching, I can help clients see their life  more clearly, to work out their own solutions , with the aim to help clients  to live their  life with more purpose, clarity and confidence.

In the following situations I have specific experience with Wellbeing and Work Life Balance issues:

Working Away

Work Life balance

I am particularly suited to coach people who work away from home during the week on a regular basis, or are involved in long periods of time away from the family home ie assignments abroad, studying, military etc . I have a decade’s experience of working away from home, working on mobile projects, living out a suitcase in small hotels.  So I know what it is like first hand to juggle work and family life when you’re living away from home for periods of time (even if you have to travel away occasionally with work).

Small Business

I have coached people who are starting their own small businesses.  In this instance, other personal issues may turn up during the sessions that are dealt with at a later stage, perhaps as they are ‘getting in the way’ of the business person achieving their tasks efficiently (I call this ‘dead energy’).   I have started two businesses myself (one with my husband, the other on my own, so I know the pressures experienced in starting out, having to be all things to all people etc, etc)

Parents and Children

I understand the challenges of being a working parent.   Let me help you with your Work Life Balance issues, as I’ve also ‘been there’.

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