What is special to you? (In your present or past?)

i heard a really interesting  radio programme this morning on Radio 4 asking the question:  ‘What are precious objects to you and why?’

Declutter dilemma

We live in times where we are told to declutter, minimise possessions etc. But is there harm in keeping hold of a few objects that are special to you?

I can think of two times l did this. I decluttered some of my daughter’s baby clothes, by recycling, then regretting it and getting back the items and storing them in a special place. Sorted – l felt happier.

I also donated some books to charity and realised one of the books had sentimental value, but was unable to get it back.  I may well try and search for this book on ebay and  such like, or l may decide to put it to the back of my mind and try to be grateful that the book was special and move forward. Live in the present rather than in the past.

Surprise end to the  radio programme

The radio programme ended with the soundtrack of Crossroads- a television soap l used to watch , and l was taken back to my younger self. Spooky!

A very moving programme, but the important message here is that there are often powerful triggers that can take us back to  our past and this COULD stop us being in the present and living life to the  full (like mindfulness).

A positive approach!

In coaching, you can learn from your past to help move you  forward to  achieve your goals, so using the past in a positive way ie when did you feel most proud about something you achieved in a certain area of your life, for example your career. And what helped you particularly  to get to that place?


It is ironic that the radio programme ended with the TV programme Crossroads  theme tune, as a lot of the work l do with my clients is when they are either wanting to change their life (what l call ‘dynamic change’ like starting a new job or college course),  or are having to adjust their life to change that is being imposed on them for example divorce, redundancy).

So my two loves, passions, whatever you call it have coĺlided : a favourite  TV  programme from the past : Crossroads, and coaching people for life change (at a crossroads in their life) .

Can l help you with your life change ?

If you need help with life change coaching, please contact me for a free initial consultation. I would love to help you move your life forward!