Education coaching

Education coachingEducation Coaching

Is this you?

  • Are you a headmaster or principal facing challenging times?
  • Do you want your school/college/university team to work more effectively to meet these challenges?
  • Are you a parent of a daughter/son at school, college or university?
  • Do you need support through any sort of transition/ life change relating to education;  ie starting or leaving a course?

How I can help all education matters above and more…

Think of a coach as a trusted confidant. Use me as a sounding board. Through coaching, I can assist you to see the bigger picture, help you to come up with your own powerful, productive solutions, get you to forward plan through powerful coaching exercises

The coach can also share tips and strategies to help you improve communication with your colleagues/ children; to be more effective with your time and get a better work-life balance

We will work on long-term goals. I can email you before each coaching session to focus on the week that has gone by; what issues may have come up to affect your long-term goal; what you would like the next coaching session to be focused on

DISC Personality Tests for parent and student use and for within education establishments

Parents and students

DISC can be used for children from age 7, teenagers and adultsUnderstand yourself and your children more; speak their language to motivate them and make relationships more harmonious. (whatever their age)

Principals/Heads : Using DISC Personality Tests for understanding yourself and your team

For team building

You can of course start off with having a DISC PERSONALITY Test yourself to understand yourself more, where you fit in the team, how you react to stress, how to communicate more effectively with people who aren’t like you and you may find challenging.

You may then decide to have all or some key players of your team tested withy DISC.  With your teams taking the DISC Personality Test, you will instantly know whether your team members are task or people-orientated and how they react under stress.

You will also know how likely it is that you have a full complement of characters who are going to fulfil all areas of your business.  For instance:

  • Attention to details
  • Ideas and enthusiasm
  • Directing and being in charge
  • Steady reliable & co-operative team players who always see a job through to completion

I can run workshops for you to increase your team’s performance and the effectiveness and happiness of your team. I can also help you discover who is missing in your team – (see recruitment below)

For recruitment

Helping you discover who is missing from your team. Once we have identified what gaps you have in your team, I can help you get the sort of person you want for your company.

I can assist with job descriptions and even carry out DISC Tests for your short-listed candidates, so you have the invaluable knowledge that can accurately predict how the new candidate is likely to work in a team, how they handle stress, and how best to communicate with them to get the best out of them.

Who wouldn’t want to know these insights?

The test takes only seven minutes to complete to get all this information!

In summary:

  • Working in partnership with you
  • Assisting you to come up with your own powerful ideas and strategies
  • Long-term goals – keeping you on track for these (email support)
  • What makes you tick?  (Values) and DISC
  • Forward planning
  • Getting your team to turbo perform (DISC & Values tests).
  • Workshops (bespoke ie DISC for team work and recruitment)

Packages and 90 day programmes available, or individual sessions.

For your free 30 minute coaching consultation see current availability and book your appointment on Calendly : ; weekends and evenings available for these thirty minute sessions.

To give more information about yourself, please complete the form on the Contact page. Email on