Stacey’s People Development Experience & Background

Life Coach - Stacey HalfyardPersonal Statement

I am a fully qualified & Accredited Life Coach and have over 25 years’ People Development experience. I am passionate about the powerful effects Life Coaching can have on peoples’ lives. I get a buzz from assisting clients to feel a real sense of purpose, to gain confidence and to see their life changing for the better..

I use a range of successful coaching tools to help the client discover what they really want to make life more fulfilling and to ask the sometimes difficult, challenging questions to investigate what could be preventing them from achieving this success. I am there for the whole coaching journey; I am totally focused with you on your successes

Education & Career

  • BA Honours Degree (English &  Social Sciences:)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (Grad CIPD).
  • Accredited Diploma in  Life & Performance Coaching – 2 year course The Coaching Academy (Distinction)

My career has focused on Training and People Development.; I have started 2 businesses on my own, another with my husband. I thrive on working with people.

Experience with people development

My People Development, Work and Study experience includes:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • NLP
  • Careers & work skills training
  • Project Implementation

I have worked with a wide variety of age ranges and social backgrounds all over the United Kingdom.

In my working life, I have had a huge variety of different experiences.  I have lived and worked locally, worked on projects that required me to work in different parts of the country for periods of time, living out of a suitcase, often in small hotels.

I have also started two different types of people development businesses of my own and another business with my husband.

These differing experiences mean I am adaptable and curious; I understand the differences  in people and really want to help people achieve successes in their lives.

My coaching qualifications

In 2009 I completed an Introduction to NLP Course locally in Cornwall .

  • I have a Distinction in Personal Performance & Life  Coaching from The Coaching Academy,
  • The Coaching Academy is a training organisation in Buckinghamshire which is at the forefront of coaching in Europe.
  • The Personal Performance & Life Coaching course  took 2 years to complete; it is recognised  by The International Life Coach Federation (ICF), the gold standard in coaching worldwide.
  • The coaching course was taught by practising industry coaching experts and was robustly assessed    ( 50% practical competence,  50% portfolio and  Final Written Paper)

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