Coaching Benefits

What is life coaching and its benefits?

Life Coaching is present and future based. A coach helps a person move from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future. A coach can get a person to where they want to be faster & with more clarity than if they did it on their own.

A coach works with a client clarifying what it is they want to change in their life, working out a clear, focused goal/intention. A whole of life approach is often used at first to work out which specific areas of their life is best to concentrate on. Once this is worked out with the coach, it is often found that by improving one area of their life, this will have a beneficial effect on all other important areas of their life ie concentrating on work life balance will positively impact on family and work .

Most life coaching is carried out either face-to-face, by Skype, telephone or email (or a combination of two/three of the above) . By using Skype, telephone or email coaching,  I can coach worldwide, or face-to-face if conveniently located.

I can even organise Coaching Retreats at a beautiful UK location in Cornwall if you wish to really get away and explore your thoughts about your life, read more here.

How life coaching is different to counselling and mentoring?

Unlike counselling, life coaching does not look deeply at things that may be traumatic that have happened in the past.  The past is discussed & acknowledged sometimes in sessions, you will be encouraged to recognise your strengths, or even if you wish, to challenge the thoughts and ‘limiting beliefs’ that may be holding you back. Most of the coaching time is based on where you are now and how you want to change your life.

Unlike mentoring, a life coach will never tell you or show you what to do.  The decisions all come from your own ideas, which make it much more likely that ideas are turned into action. The fact that you will also be reporting your actions and successes to your coach on a regular basis also makes it a lot more likely that you will achieve what you said you would do during the coaching sessions.

The main benefits of coaching

  • Help you create a clear vision of your future
  • Clarify your goals
  • Overcome barriers to change
  • Recognise your strengths
  • Learn about yourself and what is important to you
  • Develop an Action Plan


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