Train spotter heaven or out of my comfort zone?

I was staying in a swanky part of London for a coaching course and I had a strange view out of my window.

It was a very unusual sight!

I live in the south west and do most of my face-to-face coaching in Clarence House, Penzance. Though l’ve also lived in Bristol and Devon and visit these places regularly (so can meet for consultations there too)

I was definitely ‘out of my comfort zone’ that weekend when l saw my London hotel room was right next to a railway line!

I had to ask to change rooms to make sure l could get to sleep.

The new room l had still has the slight rumble of the train and the humming sound of city life l’m used to from when l lived in Bristol (quite relaxing really), without the irritation of a train line being right underneath the hotel room.

  1. What would you do?