Relationship-Coaching_resizeRelationship Coaching

Is this you?

  • In a couple relationship, and needing help to improve things (just not feeling so focused as a couple and needed assistance to improve things?)
  • A couple in crisis on the verge of splitting up and having communication problems
  • A couple who have split up and want to either get back together, or start to prepare for long-term separation
  • Someone who has been single for a long time and wants to find a partner to become part of a couple
  • Parents who have lost that ‘couple feeling’ after having children

Testimonials for couple coaching:

‘Stacey provides the groundwork and the environment you need to completely reflect on your current situation and tackle the obstacles ahead. Life coaching equipped me with the tools I need to enhance my relationships, and I feel it’s true benefit will continue to play out for years to come.’ – AH (face-to-face : individually and in a couple)

‘Thank you so very much, having coaching sessions with you was my last hope of being able to put things back on track and if I am honest I really didn’t think we could.   Thank you again Stacey, I am so grateful.’ – ~MB (by phone)



How I can help

For couples

  • Engage in couple coaching with me (whether in a functional relationship that needs a level of improvement, in crisis, or wanting to separate amicably)
  • Firstly, agree a customised package with me after I have fully taken the facts through a range of methods
  • Have couple coaching with me, using a tried and tested method of using some sessions with both partners present and some individual sessions.

For single people wanting a relationship

  • Use a range of coaching tools to discover what will make you happy in a partnership
  • Look at previous relationships to come up with a ‘must have list’  of personality traits for your next partner
  • Re-discover your  strengths for those lacking in confidence, or those who have been away from the dating scene for several years

For parents

  • Parents who have lost that ‘couple feeling’ after having children
  • How to get back those initial feelings of attraction/excitement that got you together in the first place
  • How to put your relationship as a priority
  • How to stay on track once the coaching stops

Please feel free to discuss your individual situation with me in absolute confidence.

For more information, or for your free 30 minute coaching consultation click here