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Life planning – decide the life you want

life planning signpost

How can coaching for change help you?

Do you have a clear idea about changes you’d like to make in your life? For example:

  • New job
  • New business
  • New study
  • House move
  • Travel plans
  • Planned retirement
  •  About to get married
  •  Children are moving schools

Or do you need or want to adapt to change that is being imposed on you by life change? For example:

  • Early or forced retirement
  • Redundancy
  • House downsize
  • New study
  • New job
  • New family member
  • Personal changes: about to get married, adapting to marriage / new partner
  • Divorce
  • Empty Nest
  • Recently  changed health of yourself or a close family member
  • Even adapting to a recent bereavement


Personal life planning in a nutshell:

  • Things you want in life
    • i.e. new career, new college course, new home, new relationship/marriage, new baby, downsizing, moving to a new area, travel plans
  • Things you may not want in life
    • Empty nest, divorce, health issues


Financial Life Planning

  • Things you want in your life:
    • Relocation, new business, new career, downsizing, unexpected redundancy (this could be good or bad ie pot of money v blow to finances)
  • Things you may not want in your life:
    • Unexpected redundancy, bankruptcy, negative equity


But what about when things don’t go to plan and you have change forced on you?

What if you have to adapt to what is happening in your life? Like redundancy, early retirement, ill health, divorce, empty nest, financial changes (good or bad)

Life coaching can help in all these areas and I would love to be able to stand by your side and support you during these changes in your life.

 I have coached numerous clients through change (like new businesses, studying challenges and through family  issues).  I start with a whole life audit and work on a tailor-made coaching programme to empower my clients.

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