My coaching testimonials

Please note, the initials of clients are only shown, due to the confidential nature of coaching.  

I had 5 sessions with Stacey , one of these was a Careers Values Test which gave me an excellent insight into my character. What was great was that the goal was always achieved from each session I had with Stacey. The momentum gained from these successful sessions accelerated the changes I wanted to make in the areas of my life I had chosen to focus on.

MT – Weston Super Mare (by Skype)

Stacey helped me to set several goals in connection with setting up my business, which helped me focus on what I needed to do. In particular, I completed my ‘e’ book, prepared materials for my Web Designer and successfully exhibited m business at a local London event.  These were big milestones for me, which I was able to achieve as a result of the coaching I had from Stacey.

I found the Values Careers Test really enlightening.  Stacey was very professional and thorough  in her approach, so when she identified my top values I knew they were accurate. I have used my values to remind myself of the benefits I will gain from setting up my business and to understand why I never felt absolutely fulfilled working in a corporate environment.

DO – East London (by phone)

I was self-employed but feeling rather aimless, and was unsure of what move to make next.  I was unsure of what to expect from Life Coaching, but Stacey addressed this well.

Life coaching helped me to focus on what I am most successful at, as well as how my family commitments may influence my decisions,  Stacey is very good at listening, and helped me to find my way ahead with clarity.  Thank you Stacey!

MW, (Self Employed  – face-to-face)

Throughout our coaching sessions Stacey gave me she often asked me very surprising questions  that took me out of context and made me look at my situation from different angles that were very supportive in moving me forward.  I find her style very comforting yet probing and she makes sure nothing is left or overlooked.  Thank you.

KC – London (by phone)

I met with Stacey on four occasions. I had been adjusting to retirement having always worked. Stacey is a very good listener and was able to draw from me what I knew I should be doing and she was giving me her undivided attention.  Thanks Stacey.

AMJ  – face to  face, retired nurse

Stacey has a brilliant way of making you focus your thoughts and dig deep for answers and solutions.

We spoke for about half an hour on the telephone for about 9 sessions and in that time I was able to put to rest issues that I had been bitter about for a while, was able to reorganise and finally decorate my house, develop new relationships and focus my business activities.

She is very calm and friendly but somehow knows the right questions to ask to make you think about your life from a new angle.

AN – Business owner (coaching by telephone)

 This was my first interaction with a life coach, and Stacey did a wonderful job. I felt very comfortable talking to her, she was always there to listen, and encourage me to realize what is in me to be discovered. She helped me to discover my main goals in life and start working towards them. She kept me motivated and enthusiastic. Thank you Stacey for this opportunity, I truly appreciated you and your fantastic work.

JC – London  (By Skype)

 ‘Stacey has enabled me to set clear specific future goals and focus on moving forward in particular areas of my life.  Her professional, empathetic and supportive manner helped and encouraged me to focus on and explore opportunities that I had not realised were there. Her sensitive questioning encouraged me to dig deeper, to challenge myself and to get things done. The coaching sessions gave me clarity about what I wanted and made me feel empowered and motivated to take action. Overall, the sessions with Stacey were a very positive, worthwhile and beneficial experience and  I would definitely highly recommend Stacey to anyone who is seeking life coaching.’

BL – Small Business Owner, Northern Ireland (by Telephone)


Stacey has been a very encouraging coach and has helped me gain insights into areas I had been overlooking. Stacey’s deep listening skills go beyond the words and she is natural at picking up things I wasn’t even aware of. She has kept me focused and motivated throughout our sessions and is genuinely interested and supportive in helping me develop and improve. Stacey is very open and honest and I would highly recommend her”.

NZ – Small Business Operator, Oxford (By phone and Skype)


Before I began coaching, I had always found it difficult to achieve my goals.  After a few coaching sessions with Stacey, I have had a good experience and I have been able to achieve my goals.  This has given me tremendous energy to set more goals and achieve more in life.

KM – Bristol (By Skype)

 One of Stacey’s first Testimonies (which she is very proud of)

I am in the initial stages of running a business, whilst also holding a separate full time job working from home so my time needs to be managed really well, and the amount of work I have often seems overwhelming and other areas of my life feel like they have been put on hold.

I came across Stacey whilst she was going through her training and needed clients to meet her training needs. I offered my assistance, not because I felt like I needed life coaching, but because Stacey needed clients to work with, but I can honestly say working with Stacey has been a real eye opener and she has helped me enormously and far more than I expected.

Stacey has been very open and friendly throughout the sessions and she presents a very professional and competent approach. She has enabled me to approach issues which I felt I had already dealt with but it takes a professionals input to be able to tackle issues from a different angle and her help has allowed me to make progress in many different areas of my life. I never thought I would recommend someone going to see a life coach as to me, I have always felt that friends or family or a bit of common sense can achieve the same results, but Stacey has made me think differently and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

AN – Business Start Up (By phone)