New goal and habits



I haven’t blogged for a while and I realise this has become a bad habit.

I often think things like ‘Oh I could blog about that’ and then I forget to do anything about it. Life just goes on with all the priorities and distractions.

But what if I made a decision a commitment to change just a small part of my life?  Like my clients?

So here is my challenge to myself. 

  • I will blog twice a week for the next three months.
  • I will keep a notebook in my handbag to make notes of what I’m going to blog about.

It is said that a habit takes between 21 – 30 days to set up.  I am always telling my clients that, so now I am telling myself the same thing.

Another thing I ask my clients is what they are going to REWARD themselves with when they achieve their actions?

My answer is simple: to get out in the sun and enjoy a sorbet (I have cut out dairy for six months, but that’s another story!)

I hope you may also set up a challenge for yourself and that we can compare notes!