Coaching Café – 28 Jan 5.30pm – 7.30pm

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Hello everyone

Come and meet like-minded people in a relaxing venue on Thursday 28 January 5.30pm – 7.30pm at the Coaching Café!

Located at:

The Lamb & Flag, Canonstown’s Snug Bar (close to St Erth train station)n at 5.30pm – 7.30pm. It’s aimed for people when they finish work, so it’s fine to pop in when you can during the evening (payment is in advance)

The Coaching Cafe event is only £5 to attend and includes a complimentary coffee/tea/juice/wine: take your pick!. It is hosted by me, Stacey (Halfyard), professionally qualified people development specialist and coach.

As well as a themed people development discussion, I’m available for a free coaching consultation after the event, if required.

Come and join us…

January’s discussion will be entitled ‘ New Year New You’.

How did you get on with your resolutions?

Did you want to:

  •  Lose weight ?
  • Give up cigarettes ?
  • Throw away the biscuit tin ?
  • Start going to the gym?
  •  Start a new job?

Have a discussion about your resolutions in a friendly, informal and relaxing setting. Discover how to make your resolutions more successful and more lasting; also what to avoid when you phrase your resolutions. Includes tips and handouts. As mentioned before, the £5 fee includes a coffee/tea/juice/wine; some of us buy ourselves a delicious snack/main course too!

Booking essential as spaces strictly limited.

Contact me for more information:

All good wishes

Stacey (Halfyard)

07985 959510

Wellbeing Coaching for 2016 and beyond

wellbeing - improved health and confidence

Wellbeing Coaching for 2016 and beyond.

After the excesses of the Christmas and New Year it got me thinking about how l can offer more coaching and mentoring to people wishing to :

  • lose weight
  • wanting to stop smoking
  • wanting to do more exercise
  • and eat a  healthier diet

The above comes under the category of ‘physical wellbeing’.   Coaching offers a more permanent change towards how you wish your life to be.  Rather than giving things up ie cakes, chocolates biscuits etc , you’re saying how you wish to eat  ie more balanced food groups, healthier eating habit choices, less guilt about ‘bad’ foods, realistic weight goals (about what would make you feel happier and more in control in your life).

l have also been helping people, through coaching and mentoring to help with emotional wellbeing issues that affect personal and business lives ; for example feeling more confidence,  stress management strategies  and working with a more positive attitude with issues like depression, anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Whatever the New Year changes you want, contact me to arrange a personalised coaching programme to help you lead a more balanced happier and positive life. See my Wellbeing and WorkLife Balance page for more details

New goal and habits



I haven’t blogged for a while and I realise this has become a bad habit.

I often think things like ‘Oh I could blog about that’ and then I forget to do anything about it. Life just goes on with all the priorities and distractions.

But what if I made a decision a commitment to change just a small part of my life?  Like my clients?

So here is my challenge to myself. 

  • I will blog twice a week for the next three months.
  • I will keep a notebook in my handbag to make notes of what I’m going to blog about.

It is said that a habit takes between 21 – 30 days to set up.  I am always telling my clients that, so now I am telling myself the same thing.

Another thing I ask my clients is what they are going to REWARD themselves with when they achieve their actions?

My answer is simple: to get out in the sun and enjoy a sorbet (I have cut out dairy for six months, but that’s another story!)

I hope you may also set up a challenge for yourself and that we can compare notes!



Affordable Workshops at St Ives (Tregenna Castle)

Affordable Life Coaching Workshops at St Ives (Tregenna Castle)

The Affordable Life Coaching Workshops at Tregenna Castle are as follows:

Tregenna castle



NEW  DATE!  THURSDAY 2ND JULY  –  Procrastination &  Perfectionism   (How they’re often linked).  Discover how Perfectionism impacts your life. Discussion. One-to-one. Top tips for getting things done.  I’ll email a quiz before the session to create awareness how perfectionism effects your life; this will kick-start  the session, therefore giving you greater value for money.                                                                                      



What is Life Coaching?  Work-Life Balance,  Listening Skills

 ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’  What (bad) habits do you want to get rid of?What (good)  habits do you want to develop? Tips for helping you keep your New Year resolutions. Interactive & fun.


 February 26th – Wheel of Life.  Life MOTs!     (See your life as a whole. Get clarity; move your life forward! )    


 March 26th –Personality Tests  (DISC)  For better commumication and self knowledge. Empowering & confidence-building

April 23rd – Procrastination &  Perfectionism   (How they’re often linked). Top tips for getting things done   

Early Bird – pay by Paypal : Just £8 per single session,  £36 for 6 sessions.  £5 Taster session.

£10 on the door




Workshops coming up at Clarence House, Penzance


Here is a list of the NEW topics planned for the Penzance morning workshops at Clarence House 10.30 – 12pm,   4th Tuesday of the month


DATE CHANGE!  TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Finding your purpose. (What is your true mission in life?). Often we know what we don’t want, rather than what we really, really want in life.   Come to this powerful workshop to start to uncover what you want from life; what really makes you happy.

TUESDAY 23 JUNE – Decluttering –  in your mind (mental clutter) and in your house.  What is the real problem? Discussion, one-to-one and practical tips
TUESDAY 28 JULY – Positive thinking . Changing things around for the better. (Known as ‘reframing’ ).


Other subjects in this series included Goals and goal-setting (October 2014 session).

Listening skills – November 2014


JANUARY 27TH: ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’  What (bad) habits do you want to get rid of? What (good)  habits do you want to develop?  Tips for helping you keep your New Year resolutions. Interactive & fun.

 TUESDAY  24 FEBRUARY –   What makes you tick? What are your core values? How can this help you find contentment in your work and home life? Come away from the session with new insights and an action plan..

Tuesday 24 March 10.30am – 12pm

What is your inner negative voice telling you?  Who put it there?  How can you change this message to a positive one.  Learn the  answer to these questions in an interactive friendly, workshop. Come away from the session with new insights and an action plan. Hand outs included, as well as the opportunity to learn some coaching techniques.

 TUESDAY 28 APRIL – The impact of technology on our lives  (detox / cutting back to allow more time & focus in our lives).  How is it effecting our families?  What is the best way way to get balance in the technological age?


More ideas coming up.   Suggestions from you welcome – please email me




Recent workshops that have taken place at Tregenna Castle

Tregenna Workshop



Introduction Workshop already ran at Tregenna – This ran on Thursday 23rd October  .   It may be rescheduled subject to demand


‘Everything You Wanted To Know About Life Coaching But Were Afraid To Ask’.

A workshop to help you in your day-to-day life ie improve your listening skills, increase positive thinking, experience ‘light bulb’ moments, learn coaching secrets.

November’s workshop at Tregenna Castle was a Group Coaching  Session. November 27th 1pm – 2.30pm

Participants will explore a common goal and come away from the workshop with their own action points. The session will start by the group agreeing on a single topic; I will then take the group though the whole coaching session in the time that a one-to-one session would normally take ie 45 minutes. There will be plenty of time for discussion in pairs and as a whole; handouts included.