Explaining life coaching

archery target

I am preparing a presentation about what life coaching is all about for a Citizens Advice Cornwall coach training recruitment day this week. (A new project I’m involved with).

One of my slides says it succinctly:

  •   —Help you create a clear VISION of your  future
  • —  CLARIFY your goals
  • —  Overcome barriers to change
  • —  Recognise your STRENGTHS
  • —  Learn about yourself and what is important to you
  • —  Develop an Action Plan


So the order above is to have an idea, goal or vision of here you want to be (like the game of archery : be focused on your aim).   This can take some time – most people know what they don’t want (but this is a great start and with a skilled coach through their powerful questioning and listening techniques, it may only take one session to get you there!)

Secondly,  to clarify; to be crystal clear about exactly what it is you want to achieve.  This is where a coach can help .  It may be  your first idea is dismissed when you consider the benefits of other options.

Then the coach can help you to put into practice steps towards what you want to achieve, making sure you think about what obstacles may stand in y0ur way (time pressures, other peoples’ attitudes, even yourself!)

Along your coaching journey, you will be reminded of what it is you do really well – your strengths. It is this self- discovery of hidden confidence and ability you may have forgotten about, that gives you the strength to forge ahead with your new life – the life of your dreams!

Finally, as well as an Action Plan, so you know where you’re going, you’ll understand yourself a lot more (particularly with the use of DISC Personality and Values Tests). You will know why it is that you react a certain way under stress, what you need to have in your life to make you happy in your personal and work life, how to communicate more effectively to people who you previously found it challenging to get on with.

At the end of your coaching journey,  you’ll have a balanced life, with clear goals and a positive outlook.  Sounds like coaching can really benefit peoples’ lives!  I’ve certainly seen these changes with my clients.  See my testimonials.

New, revamped coaching website went live today!

I am very excited today as my new, revamped website went live today.
See: www.incrediblechanges.co.uk

I am a fully qualified, accredited personal performance & life coach (International Coach Federation Member) . See me for clarity in all areas of your life, but particularly work-life balance, career and life change. I have had big successes with couple relationship coaching too (a dynamic, solution-focused version of Relate)

I coach face-to-face in Penzance and also do a lot of coaching via the convenience of Skype and telephone.

As well as being a coach and trainer, I am a DISC personality practitioner. I use DISC for individul coaching and business coaching. I help people understand people in seconds and increase their ability to get on with people who they may have previously found difficult to get on with. (Great for families, partners and building teams/recruitment at work)

I am currently a consultant coach, supervisor and mentor for a coach training project that is in the process of being rolled out in Cornwall

Contact me for a free initial 30 minute consultation



Wellbeing Coaching for 2016 and beyond

wellbeing - improved health and confidence

Wellbeing Coaching for 2016 and beyond.

After the excesses of the Christmas and New Year it got me thinking about how l can offer more coaching and mentoring to people wishing to :

  • lose weight
  • wanting to stop smoking
  • wanting to do more exercise
  • and eat a  healthier diet

The above comes under the category of ‘physical wellbeing’.   Coaching offers a more permanent change towards how you wish your life to be.  Rather than giving things up ie cakes, chocolates biscuits etc , you’re saying how you wish to eat  ie more balanced food groups, healthier eating habit choices, less guilt about ‘bad’ foods, realistic weight goals (about what would make you feel happier and more in control in your life).

l have also been helping people, through coaching and mentoring to help with emotional wellbeing issues that affect personal and business lives ; for example feeling more confidence,  stress management strategies  and working with a more positive attitude with issues like depression, anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Whatever the New Year changes you want, contact me to arrange a personalised coaching programme to help you lead a more balanced happier and positive life. See my Wellbeing and WorkLife Balance page for more details

Affordable Workshops at St Ives (Tregenna Castle)

Affordable Life Coaching Workshops at St Ives (Tregenna Castle)

The Affordable Life Coaching Workshops at Tregenna Castle are as follows:

Tregenna castle



NEW  DATE!  THURSDAY 2ND JULY  –  Procrastination &  Perfectionism   (How they’re often linked).  Discover how Perfectionism impacts your life. Discussion. One-to-one. Top tips for getting things done.  I’ll email a quiz before the session to create awareness how perfectionism effects your life; this will kick-start  the session, therefore giving you greater value for money.                                                                                      



What is Life Coaching?  Work-Life Balance,  Listening Skills

 ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’  What (bad) habits do you want to get rid of?What (good)  habits do you want to develop? Tips for helping you keep your New Year resolutions. Interactive & fun.


 February 26th – Wheel of Life.  Life MOTs!     (See your life as a whole. Get clarity; move your life forward! )    


 March 26th –Personality Tests  (DISC)  For better commumication and self knowledge. Empowering & confidence-building

April 23rd – Procrastination &  Perfectionism   (How they’re often linked). Top tips for getting things done   

Early Bird – pay by Paypal : Just £8 per single session,  £36 for 6 sessions.  £5 Taster session.

£10 on the door




Workshops coming up at Clarence House, Penzance


Here is a list of the NEW topics planned for the Penzance morning workshops at Clarence House 10.30 – 12pm,   4th Tuesday of the month


DATE CHANGE!  TUESDAY 2 JUNE – Finding your purpose. (What is your true mission in life?). Often we know what we don’t want, rather than what we really, really want in life.   Come to this powerful workshop to start to uncover what you want from life; what really makes you happy.

TUESDAY 23 JUNE – Decluttering –  in your mind (mental clutter) and in your house.  What is the real problem? Discussion, one-to-one and practical tips
TUESDAY 28 JULY – Positive thinking . Changing things around for the better. (Known as ‘reframing’ ).


Other subjects in this series included Goals and goal-setting (October 2014 session).

Listening skills – November 2014


JANUARY 27TH: ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’  What (bad) habits do you want to get rid of? What (good)  habits do you want to develop?  Tips for helping you keep your New Year resolutions. Interactive & fun.

 TUESDAY  24 FEBRUARY –   What makes you tick? What are your core values? How can this help you find contentment in your work and home life? Come away from the session with new insights and an action plan..

Tuesday 24 March 10.30am – 12pm

What is your inner negative voice telling you?  Who put it there?  How can you change this message to a positive one.  Learn the  answer to these questions in an interactive friendly, workshop. Come away from the session with new insights and an action plan. Hand outs included, as well as the opportunity to learn some coaching techniques.

 TUESDAY 28 APRIL – The impact of technology on our lives  (detox / cutting back to allow more time & focus in our lives).  How is it effecting our families?  What is the best way way to get balance in the technological age?


More ideas coming up.   Suggestions from you welcome – please email me stacey@incrediblechanges.co.uk




Christmas Affordable Life Coaching Workshop – 11 December 12pm – 1.30pm



 There will be only one Affordable Life Coaching Workshop running in December due to the Christmas period and that will be at Tregenna Castle. Penzance workshops will resume in January.  Did you know the workshops normal dates are seriously close to Christmas?  Tregenna’s usual 4th Thursday of the month even falls on Xmas Day!

The much earlier date of Thursday 11 December at 12pm – 1.30pm has been pencilled in for Tregenna Castle .  Come along to benfit from the life-sorting-out that only coaching can bring.

This workshop is the most popular topic of  Work-Life Balance. It will be conducted without a PowerPoint Presentation and will be very interactive – which means lots of time for for discussion and for coaching practice.

The Workshop will start with a discussion about what Work-Life Balance means to people and how they’d like to get a more balanced life. An informal presentation will follow, looking at ideas participants bring for achieving work-life balance. I will also add tips from leading experts. Handouts included, as well as the opportunity to learn some coaching techniques.

An optional free Time Log can be emailed to you before the workshop  in preparation for the Workshop.

Tregenna Castle has free parking and you can also buy tea at £2.10 a pot to be brought into the room – (very civilised!).

Limited places available. To book a place on this session, or find out more about it, please contact me on  07985 959510 or stacey@incrediblechanges.co.uk

The cost is £8 for a one-off session, or £36 if bought as a package of 6.  Credits can be used at the Penzance or Tregenna Castle venues, so you benefit from this flexibility.


Falmouth radio interview – SourceFM

The interview today Friday 7th November .

 I had my first radio interview today with SourceFM based in Falmouth.

The presenter was Andy Coote, who I met at the business breakfast meeting at Tregenna Castle, Carbis Bay, near St Ives.  He also leads the Falmouth Breakfast Meeting Club.  My slot was for 12.30pm on the 7th November.

I did research on the radio station; I made my notes yesterday and this morning, so I felt very prepared for my interview; quite exited really. Nerves had only started to surface a little on the journey over..

My husband came along for moral support, so we tried to make the day jolly and fun.  We had a cup of tea at The Falmouth Hotel first of all.  I wanted to see what the location was like to meet clients for an initial chat and I was most impressed.  In the bar area, there was lots of comfy sofas and sitting-up table and chairs in cubby-holes. Piano music was playing in the background: very relaxing (and just the right discreet level of ‘noise’ so you could not be overheard by other people in the bar area).

I was also interested/distracted by the array of High Afternoon Tea options …. (Perhaps I should call myself ‘The Cream Tea Coach’ ??)

Once dropped off to the studio, it all seemed a bit surreal. (A bit nervous)

As soon as the interview started, Andy put me at ease instantly. I didn’t think about the people in their homes/offices who may be listening to me. I just thought of me talking to Andy in this small studio.  The film ‘The King’s Speech’ (starring Colin Firth ) came to mind and all the techniques that the King’s Speech Therapist used to stop him from stuttering through a nervous condition ie swearing, (!!)

The interview was for 20 minutes and the time seemed to fly by.  I certainly was asked challenging questions as Andy is an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  He knew what to ask me about coaching.

As far as I know, there’s no recorded copy of the interview, as there’s technical problems.

Here’s what I remember:

Briefly we discussed:

My Personal Development history and qualifications. What made me choose coaching?

I gave a brief background to my Personnel & Training background which started in Bristol after my postgraduate diploma in Human Resources.  How I worked in HR for some time, my first training jobs,  then my training and implementation roles I started troughout the country.  My subsequent courses that followed in NLP and then Personal Performance & Life Coaching. I emphasised my enthusiasm for Personal Development which started in the mid 1980s.

How I help my clients change their lives. (I discussed the type of people I coach who have reached a ‘crossroads ‘in their life. How the coaching process is started and what happens in a coaching session)

The tools I use to discover client’s core beliefs, ie Values Elicitation Test for career & personal relationships. Looking specifically at careers, I’d explore a person’s career history with them to discover what makes their jobs fulfilling. In a nutshell, if the results showed values such as ‘adventure’, ‘recognition’, and ‘belonging’ as being important, it is vital that these values are sought in a new job or at least in another part of that person’s life ie a hobby.

What is the DISC Personality Test about and how has it benefitted my business clients?   – I gave a full description of DISC and how it is used in personal coaching and business coaching.

In personal coaching, DISC is often used as a snapshot of someone’s personality and used for client self-knowledge, vital information for the coach to know about the client and often used as a starting point for the coaching relationship. It could be the client wishes to develop a certain part of their personality which is scoring low on DISC i.e. they may wish to develop the more ‘D’ (Direct) side of their personality, whereas they show higher in ‘I’ (influence), a more people-pleasing, fun-loving characteristic.


How can people with less money benefit from coaching? I talked about my Affordable Life Coaching Workshops (how they started in Penzance 18 months ago and that they are now also running at Tregenna Castle, Carbis Bay, near St Ives. I talked about the possibility of starting such a group in Falmouth). I gave examples of the topics in both locations’ workshops. See link to Coaching Workshops.

Finally I spoke about doing one-to-one sessions in Falmouth. I am currently looking for premises for this.

Coaching Retreats. Dates available



Here is The Old Primary School Cottage where you can have a  Life Coaching Retreat near St Ives, Cornwall

November & January dates available

I have two weeks dedicated to Coaching Retreats in November 2014 and January 2015 .

 Choose dates from

  • 15- 22 November 
  • 1 – 8  January (minimum 3 nights for Coaching Retreats)

Please enquire any time and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  

Up-to-date availability is on the HomeAway website (use The Old Primary School cottage link above; it takes a little time to load, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait!!)

The Cottage sleeps 2 adults and prices of accommodation in November is £59 per night midweek, £69 weekend . January and February are from £49 per night midweek, £59 weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday night). Prices quoted are for 2 people. Here you will see Cornwall at its best – lovely and peaceful, without the crowds of the hotter summer.

You can have as much Privacy and down time as you want as it is Self Contained, Self-Catering Accommodation. Explore the beautiful surounding area as we are 5 miles  from St Ives and 2 miles from Penzance. We are close to interesting beaches, towns, villages, walks,  art and tourist attractions. Eat and drink real ale at our village pub (2 mins walk away), or induldge in ‘foodie’ Michelin Star Eateries at Gurnards Head, Coldstreamers and Victoria.

5 coaching sessions with FREE DISC Personality Test or free coaching session. Other treatments/sports/pampering available

Choose how many coaching sessions you want with your Short Break. Sessions are £40 per hour.  Have 5 sessions and get a FREE  DISC PersonalityTest., or a FREE  Cachin session (the choice is yours)

Other relaxing/pampering/ sports can be arranged, as diverse as surfing, massage or beauty treatments..  Choose what you want and I’ll arange it for you.

Following  sessions from home are conduced by Skype or telephone – whatever you prefer.

Contact me by email stacey@incrediblechanges.co.uk to check availability of the Cottage and to  discuss your Coaching requirements, or please feel free to ring me on 07985 959510

Tregenna Castle, Carbis Bay

Affordable Life Coaching Sessions

Just £8 per single session or £36 for 6 sessions paid in advance. 

Thursday 23rd October – first day for Tregenna Castle Life Coaching group. 1 – 2.30pm

Affordable Life Coaching Group at Tregenna Castle.  23rd October at 1pm – 2.30pm

How is this different from the Penzance group?

  • A different time of the day – the sessions would be in the afternoon (1pm – 2.30pm)
  • A different venue (more convenient for  Carbis Bay/St Ives/ Hayle area)
  • I will be offering the Introduction course first of all, followed by 6 sessions below
  • Like Clarence House in Penzance, there is FREE parking at Tregenna Castle

The schedule for Tregenna Castle now read as follows:

Introduction – Thursday 23rd October

‘Everything you wanted to know about life coaching but were afraid to ask’. A workshop to help you in your day-to-day life ie improve your listening skills, increase positivite thinking, experience ‘light bulb’ moments, learn coaching secrets.

Session 1 – Group Life Coaching           November 27

Session 2 – Work Life Balance               December 25 (reschedule with group)

Session 3 – Goals                                 January 22 (Great for New Year!

Session 4 – Life MOTs Wheel of life         February 26

Session 5 – DISC Personality Tests         March 26

Sesion 6 – Procrastination &   Perfectionism       April 23

Contat me to book your place 07985 959510 or email me




The Affordable Life Coaching Group, is a new Affordable Self Development Group with a Life Coaching twist!

This will meet for one and a half hours for once a month at Clarence House, Penzance (the 4th Wednesday of the month).  Next meeting is on Wednesday 24 September 2014  10.30 – 12pm.

For only £36 for 6 monthly sessions (£8 for a one-off session), participants will experience first hand the benefits of Life Coaching by covering topics such as Work-Life Balance, Goals, Careers and Life Change. Group members will also gain insights about themselves and be given ideas and strategies to improve organisational skills and help to come up with a clear plan about where their life is going (like a Life MOT).

The next session will be about the link between Perfectionism, Procrastination & Paralysis – which effects a lot of us!. There will be a short information session and the rest of the session will be very interactive (a test, discussion, coaching demonstration & practice).

The Group is very friendly and welcoming.  Why not  give it a try?

Please contact Stacey for further details on 07985 959510, email Stacey@incrediblechanges.co.uk