Win a Full DISC Personality Test at August’s affordable & empowering Life Coaching Workshop


” I wish I’d known about DISC before”  – quote from myself – Stacey Halfyard

Enlightening. Very useful to know….

The next Affordable Life Coaching Group will be at Clarence House, Penzance Wednesday 27 August  10.30 – 12 pm.

Here you will have the chance to win a full DISC Personality Test.

l am an Accredited DISC Tester and I’d like to tell you a little about the DISC test.

The test is highly respected and used worldwide in recruitment, business team-building and for use by coaches for all types of coaching ie  personal coaching, business coaching.


  • Yourself and others fundamental personality traits.
  • What motivates and de-motivates you.
  • Your preferred working and social environment.
  • How you like to communicate/be communicated with.
  • Your likely responses to stress.
  • How you like to set goals.
  • Understand your own personal behaviors – and those of others.
  • Your greatest fears, and possible challenges.
  • Areas of helpful personal growth.
  • Decision making strategies (and sometimes why people decide not to decide).

The coach uses information gleaned from the report for increased knowledge about the client to enhance the coaching process.

The DISC test takes 7 minutes and from that the coach  has vital information to produce 3 graphs.


DISC Personality profiling Sales Benchmark Graphs


The information from these graphs is as follows:

GRAPH 1 shows how the client  appears to the general public  (the ‘public face’)

GRAPH 2 shows how the client reacts to stress

GRAPH 3 shows the client’s True Self, how they see themselves – that leads to greater understanding of self  .


The report also gives  tips on  how to get on more harmoniously with  people they may find challenging- very useful information! (I wish I’d known about this when I was younger!!)


The report acts as a basis for coaching – to act as a ‘snapshot’ of where the client is now and what they would like to work on ie becoming more fearless, or be more understanding etc etc

So, to summarise , Personality Tests help you understand your behaviour more and also help you get on better with people you may find challenging ie your boss, or children. The knowledge you and your coach gain from the test can also act as a starting point for change/goals etc

The Affordable Life Coaching Workshop on 27 August will demonstrate DISC as follows:
lncludes background to DISC (informal presentation)
A short DISC test with results
Coaching practice.on your results
The Prize Draw – to find out who has won the FREE full DISC PersonalityTest worth £30  will happen at the end of the session
The cost of just one workshop is £8
Or it is £36 for 6 sessions

Ring me or email me to guarantee your place.

07985 959510