Workshop Penzance

 Would you like to feel more self-aware, focused and confident, but fell you can’t pay for one-to-one sessions right now?  Then my workshop in Penzance is for you! (I also run a workshop in St Ives!)

TUESDAY 24  MARCH ’s workshop at Clarence House, Penzance is about What is holding you back? How can you change your way of thinking to become more positive and live a more fulfilling life? Find out how by coming to this workshop.  Come away from the session with new insights and an action plan. Hand outs included, as well as the opportunity to learn some coaching techniques.  

To book a place on this session, or find out more about it, please contact me on  07985 959510 or

From only £6 per session (pay £36 for a course of 6 workshops) , participants will experience first hand the benefits of Life Coaching in helping you feel more focused and confident. Topics such as Work-Life Balance, Careers and Life Change are covered.  Participants will also gain insights about themselves through tools such as DISC Personality Profiling, Values Tests, & Goal-Setting. They will also be given ideas and strategies to improve organisational skills (like avoiding procrastination) and help to come up with a clear plan about where their life is going (a Life MOT).  

These workshops are ideal for people wanting to make a real change to their lives in a supportive and affordable way.

Pay-as-you-go sessions are just £8!  A great way of finding out if the workshops are for you.  The £8 you pay can be put towards the £36 for 6 sessions package.  This really is ‘try before you buy’!’

Additionally, you can use your credits at the St Ives or Penzance workshops.  You can even miss the odd workshop or two with the £36 package.  What are you waiting for?