Explaining life coaching

archery target

I am preparing a presentation about what life coaching is all about for a Citizens Advice Cornwall coach training recruitment day this week. (A new project I’m involved with).

One of my slides says it succinctly:

  •   —Help you create a clear VISION of your  future
  • —  CLARIFY your goals
  • —  Overcome barriers to change
  • —  Recognise your STRENGTHS
  • —  Learn about yourself and what is important to you
  • —  Develop an Action Plan


So the order above is to have an idea, goal or vision of here you want to be (like the game of archery : be focused on your aim).   This can take some time – most people know what they don’t want (but this is a great start and with a skilled coach through their powerful questioning and listening techniques, it may only take one session to get you there!)

Secondly,  to clarify; to be crystal clear about exactly what it is you want to achieve.  This is where a coach can help .  It may be  your first idea is dismissed when you consider the benefits of other options.

Then the coach can help you to put into practice steps towards what you want to achieve, making sure you think about what obstacles may stand in y0ur way (time pressures, other peoples’ attitudes, even yourself!)

Along your coaching journey, you will be reminded of what it is you do really well – your strengths. It is this self- discovery of hidden confidence and ability you may have forgotten about, that gives you the strength to forge ahead with your new life – the life of your dreams!

Finally, as well as an Action Plan, so you know where you’re going, you’ll understand yourself a lot more (particularly with the use of DISC Personality and Values Tests). You will know why it is that you react a certain way under stress, what you need to have in your life to make you happy in your personal and work life, how to communicate more effectively to people who you previously found it challenging to get on with.

At the end of your coaching journey,  you’ll have a balanced life, with clear goals and a positive outlook.  Sounds like coaching can really benefit peoples’ lives!  I’ve certainly seen these changes with my clients.  See my testimonials.