Back to school and work

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Are you settling back to normal life after the summer holidays?

I have recently attended one of my usual business breakfast meetings and I think I’ve invented a new word in the process!

I was explaining how I was finding it quite difficult getting back into a working routine after the relaxing summer holidays .  You know the sort of thing – with the school holidays and the looking out for what your child/ children is/are doing , arranging events, parent taxi,  the family holiday, making preparations for school return, then … whoosh  getting back into a normal working and school routine.

I forgot to mention  the juggling of trying to work in the holidays as well.  Some of you may have  found it easier getting back  to normal working patterns!

Anyway, the word I invented was ‘summeritus’.  A succinct way of explaining what us parents may feel like getting back into the normal swing of things after the long summer holidays.

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