Skype – really great resource for when I network and receive coaching myself

I have used Skype this week  twice to have connect with other coaches around the UK

The first one lives in Warwick, the other in Weston Super Mare – several hours drive away, so the convenience is amazing.

Other advantages of  Skype are that the call is free, it doesn’t hog up the normal LAND line and you have a choice as to see the other person or not (video, or normal voice chat)

The other great reason I like Skype is that it’s hands free, so I can make notes (I’m a one for making lots of notes and doodling while I talk)

My mum uses Skype to stay in touch with my sister who has 2 very young children and lives 4  hours drive away from her.

I do a lot of coaching with my clients by Skype for convenience and it’s so much better than the ‘old days’ now we have super fast broadband.  I also have a new lap top that is easy to move from room to room , so  I’m so very  pleased with Skype. A great invention!