New Year New Office


Did you make  any resolutions?

Although I didn’t make any myself, for the New Year, I’m sorting out my office.   

Talking of offices….
I have a new Life Coach who is coaching me for the New Year – who I met at an advanced Coaching Day recently.  He lives nr Strafford on Avon, so he coaches me by Skype. 
I often coach by Skype or telephone for flexibility & convenience.  I had a session with my Life Coach this Monday and we talked about steps I could take to completely tidy up and set up better filing systems in my new office.
It’s a big job I can assure you! I have a list of Actions and dates when phase 1, 2 and 3 of my plan have to be in place.  As I have to report back to him by next Thursday ( for phase 1), I am determined to report my success back to him (with photograph to prove it!). All these were my own ideas, which is what is great about Life Coaching.
I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. 
In coaching we ask our clients who they’re going to tell about their plans and list of Actions. This ‘reporting back to’ and being accountable to other people are often one of the reasons why people who are coached are more successful at achieving their targets.