MAY’S Affordable Life Coaching Session 28/5

The session will be, as usual on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Clarence House, (28 May) Penzance 10.30am – 12pm

The sessions cost £36 for 6 sessions, or £8 for a one-off session.

The group is welcoming and supportive.


The Topic for May is Work-Life Balance.

 In the session we will have an informal 20 – 30 Group Coaching Session to start the morning off. We will be looking at where we are with our Goals, what Actions have been achieved and what we have learnt that we’d like to share with the group.

 I’ll then do an informal presentation on Work-Life Balance, looking specifically at the work and helpful tips of two leading gurus in this field

 This will be followed by a discussion and Coaching practice.

There is preparation work for this session.  I can email you an attachment  which is a log for you to record HOW you spend your time during the day. (I’ll also be completing the log).

 I suggest you complete the log for at least 2 days. Don’t religiously complete it hour by hour ie after every hour has passed.  Maybe you could just complete what you did one morning after that morning’s over and then complete afternoon and evening logs once that time has also passed.  The purpose of the Time Log is for you to bring it to the group where we’ll discuss them with the aim of helping you to identify how you can make the most of your time, so your life is spent doing a balance of enjoyable things as well as the things you feel you are compelled to do ( ie work, housework etc).

 Some people have already paid for sessions in advance (which is the more ecomomical way).  However, if you wish to pay for just one session at a time that’s also fine.  Also, why not invite a friend who you think will benefit for help in improving their Work-Life Balance?

 Work-Life Balance also applies to people who don’t work (often referred to as Life-Balance) ie retired people, unemployed, student – as there’s always something we feel we ‘have to’ do!

 To book a place on this session, or find out more about it, please contact me on  07985 959510 or

A full list of monthly sessions and dates can be found on earlier editions of this blog