My Affordable Life Coaching Group, is a new Affordable Self Development Group with a Life Coaching twist!  This will meet for the new extended time of one and a half hours for once a month at Clarence House, Penzance (the 4th Wednesday of the month).  Next meeting is on Wednesday 26 February 2014  10.30 – 12pm.

For only £15 for 6 monthly sessions (£15 for a one-off session), participants will experience first hand the benefits of Life Coaching by covering topics such as Work-Life Balance, Goals, Careers and Life Change. Group members will also gain insights about themselves and be given ideas and strategies to improve organisational skills and help to come up with a clear plan about where their life is going (like a Life MOT).

The next session will be about the link between Perfectionism, Procrastination & Paralysis – which effects a lot of us!. There will be a short information session and the rest of the session will be very interactive (a test, discussion, coaching demonstration & practice).

The Group is very friendly and welcoming.  Why not  give it a try?

Please contact Stacey for further details on 07985 959510, email Stacey@incrediblechanges.co.uk

Train Journeys



I took my Netbook with me on my trip to Bristol and made the most of my time on the 4 hour train journey back home today to write most of my Powerpoint Presentation  for my Affordable Life Coaching  Group which is next Wednesday.  Ironically the talk is about Work-Life Balance, so I was definitely making the most of my time!

I will also be using a flip chart to make sure I get everyones’ ideas down on paper about work-life balance issues in their own lives (the most valuable part of presentation in my opinion).

As it’s a very beautiful journey home, I did look out of the window every so often and I also saw a very enthusiastic tourist snapping away with his camera at the beautiful spots I was missing – amazing coastal views, a dramatic bridge crossong – even a seam train letting off steam!

‘Wake up and smell the roses’ comes to mind!




Bristol Coaching Group

Just  came back from the Bristol Coaching Academy Group where we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of the Group having started. I stayed overnight as usual.  This is an important  part of my Continual Professional Development.  We discussed how we we going to run the Group  for the next 12 months.  I was particularly keen to do a presentation on Confidence Coaching and a self development book review in the next few months

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