Skype coaching

I first heard about using Skype for coaching nearly ten years ago. Although it seemed a bit of a ‘weird’, ‘strange’ concept to be able to use this for a coaching session . I wondered if Skype would work as well as face-to-face, but l could also see it was very convenient, flexible and opened up, well, the entire world!

So l decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and have a go! I did and l have never looked back.

Since then, l must have  coached hundreds of clients by Skype or telephone. I still do face-to-face coaching, but more than half of my coaching clients have been by Skype.

I even own a domain name  called

I recently met with a new client and we had our first session face-to-face at my usual therapy centre. When it came to making our next session, l suggested using Skype, as this client had a fifty minute drive to get to the centre.

Whilst apprehensive at first  (she’d never used Skype before), she agreed and after a few technical  setting up problems, the next session went smoothly with excellent outcomes.

Why not have your initial thirty minute free Skype consultation with me to try it out for yourself? Bite the bullet like l did !

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