My next workshop will be on January 11th at 6pm – 8pm at Clarence House, Penzance.

The workshop will be called ‘New Year, New Habits, New You’ ( as l have a special interest in how we change our habits and behaviours for the better!) I will be using some exciting new research I’ve been looking at for the workshop.

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The basic format of the group is myself leading a discussion, with people having some one-to-one coaching type conversations as well. Feedback to the group with tips at the end are very popular. An Action list/s are usually taken away as homework, to add to the motivational atmosphere of the workshops.

Full details are on my MeetUps page and below here – an easy place to get notified of workshops and other activities and book your place…/

Places are limited, so book your place in advance. l look forward to seeing you there.



I am planning on having an evening workshop at Clarence House, Penzance on Wednesday 11 January 6pm – 8pm (details here : Called ‘New Year, New Habits, New You’ based on some exciting new research I’ve been reading about on habit formation)


The workshops have been running for over three years and can be summarised as myself leading a discussion about a personal development topic in an approachable and friendly manner. I always choose topics that will leave you feeling empowered and having more self- knowledge than before. Examples of previous popular topics are Work-Life Balance, How To Get Things Done/ Prevent Procrastination, The Impact Of Digital Overload (detox?), and What Makes You Tick?….

As well as the discussions, participants can explore coaching techniques to explore the personal development topic as a coach and as a coachee.

Previous participants have described these workshops as ‘enlightening’ and ‘inspirational’. Who wouldn’t want some of that in their life?

These workshops are for you if:


  • You’re interested in people and why they do things


  • You like to be part of a friendly discussion group on personal development topics


  • You are interested in your own or your family’s self improvement


  • You’d like to improve your own listening and communication skills


  • You’d like to learn and pass on tips about the above-mentioned workshop topics


About the style of the group – reassurance from me


  • Participation in group discussions is not compulsory – I promise you won’t be asked to give your views if you prefer to listen


  • I won’t be using PowerPoint unless it’s vital (I may have a flipchart to record your ideas)


  • It’d be nice if you could come to every workshop, but not compulsory, as you can ‘dip in’ whenever you can


  • I intend to run workshops every two or three months


A little bit about me


With over 20 years’ personal development work experience specifically with training, implementation and coaching; I am a passionate and committed professional, who is always on the look-out for ways to develop other peoples’ or my own life via social media posts, researching books or further courses.


I take education very seriously and enthusiastically; I’m an accredited personal performance coach and I’m proud to say that I have studied with the prestigious Coaching Academy (where I gained a distinction) and I have a postgraduate diploma with the Institute of Personal Development. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation and a participating organiser and member of a Bristol coach networking CPD group.


As well as being a coach for career, work-life balance and life change, I have also been involved in leadership and relationship coaching, so I have a vast portfolio of coaching case studies. In addition to my private coaching practice, I am a part-time, freelance supervisor, mentor and implementer on a local pilot coach-training project with Citizens Advice Cornwall.


Married and a mum, I live near Penzance.


Payment to reserve your space


Spaces are strictly limited.


To reserve your space on the two-hour workshop, I require your investment of payment via PayPal. This is:


£9.50 Early Bird rate (from now until 4th January)


£12 payable from 5th January – 8th January (until three days in advance).


On the day, payment is £15 on the door.


I reserve the right to cancel, should there not be a minimum number of confirmations to make the workshop viable.


Please RSVP via MeetUp, or I can send a payment request via email.


It’ll be great to see you on the day!






Any questions, please contact me on 07985 959510, or