DISC Personality & Value Tests

DISC-Personality-tests_resizeDISC Personality Tests – for your personal and professional life

Having a DISC Personality Test can help you:

  • Become a better communicator
  • Understand yourself more
  •  Identify how you react to stress (crucial information to know for personal relationship coaching, or business/career coaching)
  • Act as a powerful tool for change in your personal and/or business life
  • Help build strong teams at work
  • Help in the recruitment process for large, small and medium sized businesses

I usually carry out a DISC Personality Test during the first session to get a thorough knowledge of the client- their strengths, how they work in a team, their greatest fears, and more importantly how to best motivate them (this brings greater value for money to the coaching sessions, as the coach has an increased knowledge of the client in such a short time ; therefore rapport building is accelerated and the coaching relationship more productive).

Benefits to client of having this test

In summary, it will increase your self-knowledge and help how you get on with other people with more ease.

Once you’ve had one of these tests, you’d be amazed how much you learn about yourself and the tips you learn about how to get the best out of a wide variety of people from people you work with to friends and family.  You may also find that once you’ve had a DISC Test you see the world of people very differently and find you can get on much better with personality types you previously found challenging or upsetting.  In short, get more harmonious relationships in your life.  Who wouldn’t want that!!

Who can have DISC tests?

DISC tests can be carried out on adults, children from 9 years old and teenagers, so can also benefit family living. (I know, as it has helped with my own family relationships).

Values Tests

For Career, Personal, Family and Health – 

Find out your top core values. The benefit of this to you is to make decision-making more easily in the important areas of your life (especially useful for career planning), to increase self understanding and to understand other people more deeply in your personal and work life.

More information about how I have found values tests useful for my clients in terms of career coaching are as follows:

  • You’d find out what are the most important values to you in a job in a ranking order
  • This new-found knowledge can be extremely powerful when job-hunting ,so choosing a work environment which suits your core values
  • You can choose the organisation that is the ’right fit’ for you, when faced with deciding between identical-sounding jobs, but with different organisational cultures (this happened with a former client of mine, with great success: she was extremely happy with everything about her new job).
  • What I’ve found over the years of doing this test, is it can produce quite extraordinary and unexpected results. The invaluable knowledge gained by having a values test means it can lead to the absolutely right decision for you to be identified and made, so you are on the right career or personal path.
  • A recent business lady I coached, found the results of this test invaluable for her self-knowledge and confidence when asked ‘tricky questions’ about herself;  ie what she’d do in different scenarios (particularly during a job interview she attended for the post of a CEO : the outcome was that she got the job!)

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