Skype – really great resource for when I network and receive coaching myself

I have used Skype this week  twice to have connect with other coaches around the UK

The first one lives in Warwick, the other in Weston Super Mare – several hours drive away, so the convenience is amazing.

Other advantages of  Skype are that the call is free, it doesn’t hog up the normal LAND line and you have a choice as to see the other person or not (video, or normal voice chat)

The other great reason I like Skype is that it’s hands free, so I can make notes (I’m a one for making lots of notes and doodling while I talk)

My mum uses Skype to stay in touch with my sister who has 2 very young children and lives 4  hours drive away from her.

I do a lot of coaching with my clients by Skype for convenience and it’s so much better than the ‘old days’ now we have super fast broadband.  I also have a new lap top that is easy to move from room to room , so  I’m so very  pleased with Skype. A great invention!

How to have a happier Xmas –

I gave a talk today at a local WI in Cornwall

Here were my summary Tips

Ideas to make Christmas a happier time


Easier food preparation ‘ mix and match’ freshly and convenience food

Consider buying online to save time (get someone  to show you if unsure)

Social / Behaviour

Say no sometimes to social gatherings when you want to (the power of ‘no’)

Try and avoid gossip about family

Try to avoid going back to traditional family roles when families are together for long periods of time (We all do it!)

Watch TV programmes that make you feel good (record them)


Accept invitations  if you are stuck for things to do  (you never know, might be fun and add to variety of the holidays).  Step out of your Comfort Zone!

Giving back/ loneliness- 

1/ Penzance Foodbank  (Tescos Penzance)


2/ Charity work – local Xmas meal for homeless, food for homeless all year round.

Organised through The  Breakfast Project,  based at Breadline,  Bread Street Penzance.

David Smith (Churches Working Together)  has information about the Xmas Meal For The Homeless  Telephone 01736 719432

The Giving Shop , Penzance has lots of information about Local Churches Working Together charity projects for the Homeless (located next to Iceland, Wharfside Shopping Centre, PZ)  .  Telephone 01736 448131

3/ Fareshare – fighting hunger, redistributing surplus food to more than 1,000 charities in the UK .

I hope you have a happier Xmas!